Our vision

Through the gradual increment of wee, the foundation enables volunteers involved in the exploitation of wee to enhance their awareness of environmental protection, learn waste classification knowledge, publicize waste classification and create an ecological cycle of waste classification. The platform uses the blockchain to build a unique collaborative platform for renewable resources, and establishes a world-class environmental blockchain Association of environmental protection, clean, efficient energy and economic efficiency, so as to solve the problem of global "garbage siege" and realize the real ecological cycle. Encourage capital to participate in the development of environmental protection and health industry, and jointly guard the blue water and blue sky of human beings.

Our purpose

We will promote green energy development, environmental protection and other related activities to increase foreign exchange and reduce emissions for the purpose of coping with climate change, popularize relevant knowledge, improve the public's awareness and ability to deal with climate change, and support and improve the compensation mechanism for global ecological benefits.

James · brown


1. Support all sectors of society to actively participate in afforestation, forest management, desertification control, energy forest base construction, wetland and biodiversity protection and other activities aimed at coping with climate change;

2. To support the creation of various Memorial forests, forest management, species recognition and green space for the purpose of carbon sink accumulation;

3. Support to strengthen the application of green energy and effectively use green energy to replace existing non renewable resources;

4. Support the strengthening of forest and woodland protection to reduce carbon emissions caused by the unreasonable use of land;

5. Support all kinds of scientific and technological research, education and training aimed at public welfare, foreign exchange increase and emission reduction;

6. Support carbon sink measurement, monitoring and relevant standard formulation; develop green energy carbon sink project into international trade certified emission reduction (WEE) project according to the willingness of donors;

7. Publicize the function and role of forests in coping with climate change, and improve the public awareness of protecting ecological environment and climate;

8. Support domestic and foreign cooperation and exchanges on public welfare undertakings related to forestry response to climate change;

9. Carry out other social public welfare activities suitable for the purpose of the foundation.

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