In today's world, the development of energy, energy and environment are issues of common concern to the whole world and mankind.

1.renewable energy

After consumption, it can be recovered and replenished, and no or little pollutants will be produced. Such as solar energy, wind energy, biological energy, water energy, geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, etc. China is an international clean energy giant and the birthplace of the world's largest solar, wind and environmental technology companies.

2.Non renewable energy

In the process of production and consumption, the pollution to the ecological environment shall be minimized, including the use of low pollution fossil energy (such as natural gas) and the use of fossil energy processed by clean energy technology, such as clean coal, clean oil, etc.

Environmental Science

To prevent and control environmental pollution caused by production and living activities, and harmful gases, waste liquid and noise produced by transportation activities. Prevent environmental damage caused by construction and development activities. Protect the natural environment with special value.

Carbon Sink

Through afforestation, forest management, vegetation restoration and other measures, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is absorbed by plant photosynthesis and fixed in vegetation and soil, so as to reduce the process, activity or mechanism of greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere.

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